About Us

About Us

Ranger Candy Coffee Company is a veteran owned, Handcrafted, Premium Coffee Roaster. Located in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas, we offer a variety of single origin flavored, & blended coffee. Our coffee is roasted & packaged in America to order, to ensure our customers receive the freshest coffee available. Taste America With Every Sip!

Our Story:
Founder of Ranger Candy Coffee Company Lary Littlepage and Co-Founder Sierra Littlepage have had a love and passion for coffee since their early childhood and adolescent years. They both worked in a coffee shop and that is where they learned about the world of craft roasted coffee. Life led them down different career paths. Founder Lary Littlepage chose to serve in the United States Army for 8 years. Sierra Littlepage chose to become a Certified Elementary Teacher for 10 years. The idea for Ranger Candy Coffee Company was kicked around for several years before Founder Lary Littlepage used his Entrepreneurial skills into supplying premium roasted coffee to the great peoples of The United States Of America. ️

We started in 2018 with no idea what we where doing. We had partnered with Temecula Coffee to use their facility to roast our orders and learn everything we could to becoming coffee experts. We perfected our craft for several years before finding Gab.com. Since being on Gab Social Free Speech platform October 2021, we have since put our whole operation under one roof with zero partners in our little town of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas. My wife and I make an amazing team and with the help of our two 4 year old daughters we have grown Ranger Candy Coffee Company into a coffee pouring machine. As of 11/2/2022 my wife and I have roasted over 25,000 pounds of coffee. Alot of people become shocked when they find out its just the two of us, but its our passion and we enjoy every bag we roast.

In addition, we've also partnered with Disabled American Veterans, a 501-C4 non-profit that supports Combat Veterans in their post-war readjustment process. They have given so much to our team that we've decided to donate a portion of our profits to them as a way to give back. To learn more about Disabled American Veterans, please visit www.dav.org.

So when you shop at Ranger Candy Coffee Company, you support not only a Veteran owned small business, you also support an outstanding Veterans non-profit.

 So Choose your Blend, Size, Grind and lets get to drinking coffee!

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